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Water Code Official Blue Bottle Love

  • Water Code Official Blue Bottle Love

Water Code

Each Bottle is 1Litre.

Shipping is 3-5 working days for the UK.

In the US and Canada it can take up to 2 weeks for shipping.

-Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy

-Custom logo flip top cap is BPA-free, leak-proof and always ON the bottle

-Deeply sandblasted symbols etched in the Netherlands

-Thick, break resistant glass is durable and reusable

-Water stays fresh and clean and hydrogen rich in Blue Glass

Water Code

We are so excited to offer this powerful symbol!! The Water Code is a sacred geometric symbol infused with the transformative healing energies of primordial light and water. With 13 concentric infinity symbols and 9 interlocking diamonds, The Water Code represents the harmonious interrelationship of water and light, the inner and the outer, and the micro and the macro. This ancient code is the KEY that unlocks the information stored deep within the water molecules of our bodies, revealing the TRUTH about who we are, where we come from, and our highest purpose on Earth.

To increase the frequency of your water and raise your overall vibration, fill your Blue Bottle Love bottle with pure spring water or the best water you have access to, and place in the sun for a minimum of one hour. Prepare to be transformed from the inside out!